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  • Bowl (USA), 1955

    Curved, flaring body on slight foot. Matte chrome yellow glaze, with manganese brown steaks and specks. Rim and foot unglazed.

  • Bowl (Persia, Kashan), ca. 13th–14th century

    On slight foot a slightly curved bowl of coarse whiteish clay, the lower part unglazed. Slight pinkish white glaze on upper outside and on inside; in center a bird painted…

  • Bowl

  • Bowl (USA), 1956

    Shallow bowl of reddish clay with some grog added. Outside glazed yellowish white, inside bright mustard yellow, with parellelly arranged green and metallic black stripes in groups, alternating with rows…

  • Bowl (USA), ca. 1900

  • Bowl (Scotland), ca. 1785

    Truncated cone-shaped bowl of silver, the outside covered with vertical staves of ebony and ivory alternating, interrupted by band inscribed with: “The Gift of AS to her Grandson RS 1789.”…

  • Bowl, 1100–1000 BC

    Lower part of vessel is conical with small foot. Sides strait, slightly flaring rim. Four rectangular panels with vertically protracted checkerboard pattern alternate with four ibex with long curving horns…

  • Bowl (Iran)

  • Bowl

  • Bowl (USA), 1957

    Open bowl with vertical sides, decorated with sgraffito curved lines crossing each other, on mottled greenish glaze. Inside white with speckles.

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