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  • Bowl (Iran), 14th century

    Bulbous bowl with wide lip, under which is a decorative band with text. Repeating pomegranate pattern on body.

  • Bowl (Italy), mid-20th century

    Smooth, heavy glass body in form of half clam shell with rim extended horizontally on one side; thin, swirling latticino stripes of opaque red encased in translucent white, fanning out…

  • Bowl (Italy), ca. 1954

    Very thin red clay and hand formed. Funnel-shaped with small flat base; edges sharp, irregularly crimped and irregular in outline. Base is glazed but uncolored. Variegated colored glaze applied in…

  • Bowl (China)

    cream tan glaze

  • Bowl (Finland), ca. 1954

    Clear, slightly curved, thick-bottomed circular bowl flaring to thin rim.

  • Bowl (USA), 1955

    Slightly curved bowl of red clay, with grog added to give coars surface. Brownish black, metallic glaze, short and dry on outside. Fourteen streamer-like white trianges with black stripes around…

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