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  • Textile (USA), ca. 1934

    Undulating stripe of alternating yellow and dark gray half-circle curves. Each curve contains a dot which is half gray and half yellow. Printed on an unbleached linen ground.

  • Textile (France), 19th century

    Cotton ornamented with chinoiserie design in four scenes; a woman dancing, a woman musician, a man dancing, and man digging. Printed in red and two shades of brown.

  • Textile (France), ca. 1740

    Floral pattern embroidered in stem, herringbone, buttonhole, French knot and other stitches.

  • Textile (India)

    hindu type embroidery

  • Textile (England), ca. 1820

  • Textile

  • Textile

  • Textile (Italy), 16th century

    a: White linen embroidered in leaf design arranged in a wide and a narrow border.

  • Textile

  • Textile, ca. 1782

    Textile printed in red on white ground showing six vignettes with country scenes, one with the tomb of Jean Jacques Rousseau.

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