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  • Textile, Les Monuments de Paris, 1816–20

    A late version of the design by Lebas known as “Les Monuments de Paris”. Design in red on white background consisting of important architectural sites of Paris such as Les…

  • Textile (Russia)

    Floral serpentines brocaded in colored silks on background of gold and silver arranged in vertical stripes.

  • Textile

  • Textile (France)

    white on white

  • Textile

  • Textile (England), 1840s

    Series of borders with blue flowers.

  • Textile (USA)

  • Textile (Iran), 10th–13th century

    Vertical rows of medium-sized ogives bordered with broad continuous bands of Kufic lettering and enclosing confronted peacocks with tails spread to top of a Tree of Life between them. Winged…

  • Textile, early 18th century

    Length of light brown satin with a ground pattern of small rectangles containing alternately a single rosette or small checkboard pattern. Over this ground are large-scale repeats in alternate horizontal…

  • Textile

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