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  • Mola (Panama)

    Oblong panel of brilliant colored cottons, arranged in form of cut-out and applied techniques to show what appear to be highly stylized bird forms. Outlines of design are cut. Colors…

  • Ornament (Panama), possibly 5th century

    Pre-Columbian pendant.

  • Necklace (Panama), 500–800

    Small gold beads, cast, in different shapes and sizes.

  • Blouse (Panama), 20th century

    On a backing of black cotton, cut-out cottons with red predominating, outline large chunky bird with tree, and scattered angular shapes. This forms body of blouse and is sewn on…

  • Blouse (mola) (Panama), 20th century

    Woman’s blouse with cut-out cottons in many colors, with red predominating, stitched in reverse-appliqué technique to make a design of long-beaked birds within a labyrinth of abstract shapes. This forms…

  • Mola (Panama), 20th century

    Crude cut-out shapes in red, buff, blue, orange, etc. applied to black backing which shows through to form outlines. Coarse cotton.

  • Mola (Panama), 20th century

    Woman’s blouse with short sleeves. The top part is made of a figured white cotton and trimmed with bands of small-patterned printed cotton. Deep border of appliqué in red and…

  • Mola (Panama), 20th century

    Panel or “mola” showing on a brilliant red background a winged figure, with raised sword in right hand, and scales of justice in left, stands above another figure, on the…

  • Mola (Panama), early 20th century

    Panel with applique in reverse. Face, bright red, cut to show colors appearing from below, forming design. Two figures of men in profile with plumed headdresses, holding toward each other…

  • Blouse (mola) (Panama)

    Blouse with pink and white floral print on green cotton (?) – sleeves and yolk. Mola panel in front and back, same design, backed in black, red top layer; middle…

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