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  • Textile (India)

    hindu type embroidery

  • Tunic Fragment (India), 19th century

    Fragment of a child’s tunic with a ground of red silk decorated with green discs and a border at one side of semi-circles and ovals placed in a lattice format…

  • Fragment (India), 18th century

    Conventionalized flowering sprays arranged as detached motifs. Narrow border on one side.

  • Two Buckles (India), late 19th century

    (a) Central ornament with leaf-shaped piece at either side. Raised ornaments of small pieces of turquoise and red glass; pendant ornaments of coral and silver gilt arranged in groups; (b)…

  • Fringe (India), 19th century

    Header of gauze weave separated into four rectangles, each with an upright leaf inside. Rectangles are formed by thicker threads which are carried down to create loops underneath that support…

  • Fringe (India), 19th century

    Header of gauze with leaf and lozenge shapes. Loops underneath support groups of interlaced threads that terminate in large tassels.

  • Trimming (possibly India)

  • Textile (India)

  • Textile (India)

  • Hand Or Foot Piece (India), probably 19th century

    Hand or foot piece, silver, with small balls, in clusters, and seven pendant rings on chains.

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