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  • Pair Of Anklets (India), probably 19th century

    Pair of silver anklets. Five cartridge shapes, with decorative balls, on cord.

  • Pair Of Ear-plugs (India), probably 19th century

    Pair of brass ear-plugs, round. Red Setting of glass on composition. Ornament, concentric circles (4) of grain-like pattern with holes punched to emphasize separate grains.

  • Hand Or Foot Piece (India), probably 19th century

    Hand or foot piece, silver, with small balls, in clusters, and seven pendant rings on chains.

  • Manicure Set (India), probably 19th century

    Filigree and modeled disks bordered with half-rings, on filigree form set with three turquoises.

  • Earrings (India), late 19th century

    Pair of earrings. Turquoise matrix and silver.

  • Earrings (India), late 19th century

    Pair of earrings of gilt metal, filigree, the outer half circle form has suspended white glass pearls and beads in green and turquoise. Inner circle is set with pendants.

  • Textile (India), early 20th century

    Printed or drawn pattern on yellow satin embroidered in floss silk of a variety of colors embellished with mirrors. Series of borders containing floral vines, blossoms and small animals below…

  • Cape (India), 17th century

    Semi-circular cape with a central square flanked by two wedge shapes and framed by multiple borders, all filled with a variety of fantastic and naturalistic birds, animals, and hunters on…

  • Coverlet (India), 17th century

    Indo-European figural groups, plant and animal combinations, in large lobed medallions in horizontal-vertical arrangement on a ground filled with small figures, floral motives, birds and animals. In coarse yellow silk…

  • Hookah Base (India), 19th century

    Campaniform with flanged flairing neck. About base, shoulder, and neck, bands of inlaid conventionalized floral designs in silver, between narrower conventional bandings.

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