Warren Telechron

Telechron was founded by Henry Ellis Warren in Ashland, Massachusetts in 1912 as The Warren Clock Company. In 1926 the name was changed to Warren Telechron and ultimately to Telechron, Inc. in 1946. Telechron was absored by General Electric in 1951 and became GE’s “Clock and Timer Division.” The company initially specialized in battery powered clocks; these proved to be unreliable devices as batteries weakened quickly and resulted in inaccurate timekeeping. Telechron’s greatest contribution to clock-making and improved timekeeping was the synchronous electric clock, which relied on a self-starting synchronous motor, invented by Warren in 1915. Although improved battery technology and the development of quartz movements ultimately led to Telechron’s decline, during its heyday in the 1920s-50s, the company produced a number of fine examples of art deco electric clocks that combined modern engineering and modern, geometric decoration.

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