Susannah Churchill Drake

Susannah C. Drake FASLA, AIA is the Principal of DLANDSTUDIO multi-disciplinary design firm that reinvents and retrofits urban infrastructure to make it more ecologically productive. Projects, facilitated by grants, push the limits of existing regulations suggesting strategic hybrid economic/design models, innovative urban storm water management systems, and urban infrastructure typologies that transform experience and function of the city. In 2013 Drake was honored with the Emerging Voices Award by the New York Architectural League; Urban Design Fellowship from the Design Trust for Public Space; and the Brunner & Young Architect Award from the AIA. She is the recipient of grants from the Graham Foundation, NEIWPCC, the Fitch Foundation, NOAA, DEP, LIFF, DEC, AIA and the NYSCA among others. Drake is a Graduate of Dartmouth College and received her Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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