Serafino Zani

Serafino Zani is a family owned and operated designer and producer of kitchen and tabletop utensils. Working predominantly in steel, the firm combines metalwork with innovative production techniques to infuse each object with a high level of craftsmanship that compliments each unique form. The firm was established Lumezzane in the Italian province Brescia, which since the sixteenth century has had a strong tradition of metalwork. In 1912 Bernardo Zani created the first stainless steel workshop, and in 1936 the eighteen-year-old Serafino Zani began working in his father’s workshop. 1963 saw the establishment of the company’s first mechanized factory, which produced stainless steel kitchen- and tableware, and not long after the firm officially changed its hallmark to “SERAFINOZANI” to celebrate the contribution of Serafino to the family business. Throughout its history, the firm developed and registered a number of patents for innovations in metalwork and stainless steel in particular, and has won a number of design awards. Serafino Zani is an active philanthropist and in the 1990s built an astronomical observatory and research center and created a musical association to provide free instruction for students in the area. In 2008, the company established an import/export business in China and today continues to operate at the intersection of innovative technique and high-quality design.

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