Ritsuko Ogura

Ogura was born in Japan in 1951, and attended school at Tezakayama Women’s College. She trained in jewelry making under jewelry designer Minato Nakamura. Since then Ogura has defined her own aesthetic, primarily through her choice of material. She works mainly with cardboard, drawn to this medium because of its poor quality; it presents an opportunity for her to give value and beauty to something that is usually passed over. She manipulates this material into wearable sculptures. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and competitions across Asia, Europe and the United States, including the Schmuck international jewelry exhibition in Munich in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. Ogura received the Design Prize at the 5th Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition in Tokyo in 1985, the Encouragement at the Craft Competition in Takaoka in 1996, and the Judge’s prize at the Itami International Craft Competition in 2003.

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