Renzo Pasquale

Renzo Pasquale is unsual among the jewelry artists that make up the Padua School in that he did not study at the Istituto d’Arte Pietro Selvatico in Padua. Rather, he majored in biology at Padua University, graduating in 1974. He began exploring and working with metals and precious stones after a chance encounter with a master gemologist. His later association with the Padua School–Francesco Pavan in particular–was more a uniting of temperment, where Pasquale would exhibit at the group’s significant shows. He started teaching jewelry making at the Istituto d’Arte Pietro Selvatico in 1971.

Pasquale’s interest is in kinetic design, focusing on cubes, cones, and three dimensional parallelograms known as parallelepipeds. He tends to use semi-precious stones, making small alterations that yield illusionistic changes that enable one to see the segments of gold running in precise but changing lines through transparent crystals. He sometimes uses gold to make incisions that appear to be sections through opaque bodies.

Pasquale stopped producing jewelry for a number of years, but returned, producing pieces that continue his exploration of the optical effects that can be achieved through the geometry of solids.

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