Pauly & C. – Compagnia Venezia e Murano

Pauly & C. was founded in 1902 by Emilio Pauly, with partners, for the production and sale of traditional Venetian glassware. In 1919, the firm was sold to a Milanese company that also bought the Compagnia Venezia e Murano, a firm selling Venetian glass and luxury furnishings. In 1920, Gaetano Ceschina acquired the two companies, running their mainly commercial activities parallel to one another. The new company’s points of sale sold the products of several glassworks, often marked with an etched stamp bearing the initials C.V.M. beneath a crown. In 1963, Pauly & C.- Compagnia Venezia et Murano passed to Luciano Barbon, whose heirs are the current owners.

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