Pat McGrath

Understated and ethereal, glamorous and erotic, radical and mutant—makeup in the hands of Pat McGrath is utterly transformative. It not only complements the runway fashion, editorials, and ads it graces, but also elevates them. McGrath’s makeup is definitive, setting a mood, illuminating a character, or driving a narrative. And in a career that has spanned over twenty years, her range and indefatigable innovation are astounding. She has created some of the catwalk’s most iconic visages, using bold and neon colors, crystal embellishments, gold foil, exaggerated faux brows, ridiculously long lashes, and so much more. Since 2004, McGrath has also been global creative design director for Procter & Gamble, where she distills runway looks into some of makeup’s biggest trends, including a selfie-proof matte liquid foundation. McGrath’s encyclopedic range of aesthetic innovation leads her to constantly redefine notions of beauty as a visionary in her field.

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