Joseph Walsh

Furniture designer Joseph Walsh was born in Cork, Ireland in 1979. He traces his interest in design to his early childhood, when he first learned about woodwork from his grandfather, James Duignan. Walsh’s sensitive approach to design is rooted in the synthesis of material forms and a desire to engage the user. Walsh acquires a deep understanding of materials by creating tactile structures inspired from nature that are evident in the curvaceous, ribbon-like, and organic shapes seen in his study models and final products. Throughout the entire making process, from concept to finished product, Walsh allows his designs to gradually evolve and reveal their intuitive qualities. His pieces are all handmade, utilizing traditional cabinet making and boat building techniques and materials. Conscious of environmental impacts, he uses wood from sustainable local sources and intentionally uses most of the tree to minimize waste. Unafraid to take risks, Walsh pushes the boundaries of materials, making his work unique and pure. His work in the collections of the National Museum of Ireland, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Mint Museum of Craft & Design in North Carolina, Rafael Vinoly, Uruguay, and John H. Bryan Collection, Illinois, USA.

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