Joris Laarman Lab

Joris Laarman Lab explores digital design and manufacturing processes, inventing and refining experimental techniques and media. The studio was founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, by Dutch industrial designer Joris Laarman and his partner, filmmaker Anita Star, in 2004. The Lab integrates the work of craftsmen, scientists and designers to expand the boundaries of new design technologies. Laarman Lab has devised and experimented with advancements in the field of 3D printing, fabricating some of the first chairs 3D-printed furniture in metal and polyurethane for a 2014 exhibit at Friedman Benda Gallery, Joris Laarman Lab: Bits and Crafts. Designs are produced by the lab’s MX3D robotic printer, developed in conjunction with Autodesk. Laarman Lab regularly produces videos of its printer at work and plans to share blueprints for some of its chair designs online, making the files available for home fabrication as 3D printing technologies improve and become more affordable for personal use.

Joris Laarman Lab explores 3D-printed metal and open-source chair designs in New York exhibition


Works associated with this person or group

  • Drawing, Leaf Table, 2010

    Design for a circular table: plan, elevation, and detail. Plan of table shows veined pattern; detail of elevation where table top meets support; elevation shows three legs in wishbone-like design…

  • Pixel Chair (prototype), 2014

    Undulating, contoured ribbon-like chair composed of 294 resin pieces in shades of white, gray and black, each shaped to fit into its precise location within the form.