Jenny E. Sabin

Jenny E. Sabin proposes new ways of thinking about architecture. Her work fuses architecture with biological and material sciences, mathematics, and digital technology to generate new building forms. Sabin explores diverse material trajectories not typically associated with building, ranging from textiles and ceramics to dichroic film, to interrogate the aesthetic interface among form, material, fabrication, and human behavior. Sabin’s structural research investigates ceramics as a viable building component in contemporary generative architecture, manufactured with almost no waste. Sabin has degrees in ceramics and interdisciplinary visual arts, and earned a master’s in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She is principal of Jenny Sabin Studio, an experimental architecture studio, and director of Sabin Design Lab, a research and design unit. Sabin is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, and serves as assistant professor of Architecture in Design and Emerging Technologies at Cornell University.

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