Homa Delvaray

Typography provides the building blocks for the imaginative visual constructions of Homa Delvaray. Three-dimensional letterforms interconnect with buildings, interiors, and objects in her remarkable graphic works, which seek to surprise and engage viewers with mysterious, multifaceted depictions of language in space. Whether creating a poster for a recycling project or designing the cover of an architecture book, Delvaray uses the raw materials of Iranian visual culture and Persian traditional arts to build detailed works that confront the polarities between East and West, tradition and modernity, and local and international design vocabularies. Since earning a degree in visual communications from Tehran University in 2006, Delvaray has applied her deeply personal, culturally situated approach to projects for Iranian arts and culture organizations as well as for overseas clients in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, and beyond. Her poster designs have been recognized with numerous awards including the 2009 jury prize at the Trnava Poster Triennial in Slovakia, and exhibited at the 2015 CO2 Global Poster Biennial, Colorado, USA.

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