Heywood-Wakefield Co.

This furniture manufacturer was formed by the merger of Heywood Brothers (established 1826) and Wakefield Company (established 1855) as Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Co. in 1897. In 1916, the firm purchased the Washburn-Heywood Chair Co. (established 1905) of Boston, in 1920 they purchased the Oregon Chair Company (incorporated 1900) and in 1921 they purchased the Lloyd Manufacturing Company (established 1906). The name was changed to the hyphenated version of Heywood-Wakefield in 1921. The business of the company was the manufacture and sale of reed furniture, cane and wood seat chairs, children’s carriages, school furniture, opera chairs, railway car seats, and toy vehicles. By 1926 the firm ran seven factories and distribution spread throughout eleven warehouses positioned from the east to the west coasts. After 1930 the manufacturer’s production shifted from primarily wicker furniture to wood and metal furniture products.

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