Harold O’Connor

Harold O’Connor is an American art jeweler and teacher particularly notable for his technical skill. O’Connor was born in 1941 and throughout his jewelry career has studied at many different institutions across the globe, including University of New Mexico, Instituto Allende in Mexico, National Arts & Crafts School in Copenhagen, Denmark, National Arts School in Helsinki, Finland, College of Art & Design in Pforzheim, Germany, and International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria. His work is featured internationally in public and private collections. O’Connor has written two books, The Jeweler’s Bench Reference (1977) and The Flexible Shaft Machine: Jewelry Techniques (1983). His extensive travels have influenced his art jewelry work, as have his interests in nature and various aspects of society. O’Connor says that he views jewelry making as fine art and is interested in the pieces’ sculptural qualities and aesthetic value. “I create small objects,” he said, “which happen to be wearable.” [1]

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