Graziano Visintin

(Draft ST)
Graziano Visintin, born in Italy in 1954 is a member of the Padua School of goldsmiths and jewelry artists. Like many others in the group he studied at the Istituto d’Arte Pietro Selvatico. He has been teaching there since 1976.

Vasintin is an artist who uses an array of techniques with great mastery, leaving the gold surfaces uniquely treated to create a particular desired effect. His favored materials are gold, enamel and niello. Following the philosophy of the Padua School, his creates minimalist jewelry that alludes to pure, geometric forms. His work has changed over time and his latest pieces, although still geometrical in nature, are more irregular both in shape and texture compared to his early work. His jewelry is rich in warm golden color which is enhanced by the darkness of niello and the vibrancy of enamel. His pieces are simple, free form and devoid of elaborate decoration, which creates a visual and physical quality of lightness. Throughout his career Visintin’s work has expressed his interest in linear, clean-cut and minimal forms.

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