Giorgio Vigna

Giorgio Vigna was born in Verona in 1955. In the 1980s, he worked as a stage designer in Rome. In 1990, he moved his studio to Milan, and has been working there since. Vigna is both a jewelry designer and an artist. His accomplishments include jewelry design for theater, opera, fashion shows and movies, designs for home furnishings, and sculpture. He is particularly noted for his glass designs (in collaboration with Venetian glassmaker Venini) and his jewelry. Much of his inspiration comes from nature–water, fire and earth–and the way these elements converge in both natural and artifical manners. At times he focuses on micro- and macrocosms, examining size, as well as weight. Vigna does not differentiate between his jewelry and his sculptures, seeing them both as part of the same continuum. His creative works reflect the breadth and depth of his constant research. The forms of his jewelry are the primary expression of the elements with which he works.

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