Gernot Oberfell

Gernot Oberfell is a founding partner of Wertel Oberfell, an industrial design firm with offices in Berlin and Munich. Oberfell and Jan Wertel both worked at Ross Lovegrove’s Studio X in London, and founded Wertel Oberfell in 2006. Wertel Oberfell specializes in furniture design, product design, lighting, as well as experimental projects and research. The firm utilizes advanced technology, especially 3D printing techniques to realize their creations.

Oberfell completed his university studies at the Künste Stuttgart State Art Academy, where he and Jan Wertel met. The Stuttgart Academy espouses the teaching principles of the Bauhaus, emphasizing functionalism, industrial production, and form without extraneous ornamentation. Oberfell completed internships with Fraunhofer Institute IPA Stuttgart Vaihingen, Renz Heller Graphic Design and architectural model designer Uwe Brodner. He also spent a year as a visiting student at The Glasgow School of Art.

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