Friedrich Wilhelm Klose

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Klose was born in Berlin and studied at the Berlin Akademie
under the royal theatre painter Karl Wilhelm Gropius, later working in his workshop. He traveled in Rome and Paris, but lived and worked in Berlin throughout his life. Klose made a number of views of the Berlin palaces for the Prussian royal family and contributed a view of the sitting room in Berlin to the Wittgenstein Album (Praz, 1964: 237-38). Many of his interior drawings are in the watercolor collection of Friedrich Wilhelm IV at the Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg, and, like his contemporary Eduard Gaertner, he was considered a specialist of interior architecture painting. (JGK)

Works associated with this person or group

  • Drawing, The Red Room, Schloss Fischbach, ca. 1846

    Displaying a combination of Neo-Gothic and Jacobean styles, this red room reflects the influence of Karl-Friedrich Schinkel’s design books that were available from the 1820’s onward. Chairs, cabinets-on-stand, tables and…

  • Drawing, The Blue Room, Schloss Fischbach, 1846

    The Blue Room, most likely a dining room, is decorated in the Gothic Revival Style. A view of the beautiful countryside of Silesia is visible through the center window, with…

  • Watercolor, A Room in Schloss Buchwald, 1840–45

    Although not signed, this view is characteristic of the work of F. W. Klose and, accordingly, may be attributed to him. The exaggerated receding perspective, views of the countryside and…