Franz Pelzel

Franz Pelzel was born in Bohemia in 1900. He trained at the school of applied arts in Haida. Upon graduating, he collaborated briefly with the Viennese company Lobmeyr, . In 1921, he joined Guido Maria Balsamo Stella in Florence, where they founded their own glass decorating workshop. While Balsamo Stella would design the form and decoration for the glass objects (then manufactured by Ferro Toso & C.), Pelzel would execute the decoration by engraving.
In 1925, Balsamo Stella and Pelzel transferred their operation to Venice and, in 1927, joined S.A.L.I.R. Pelzel took on the role of technical director for the firm, retiring in 1968. Pelzel became Murano’s key copper-wheel engraver, and founded a school for figurative engraving at S.A.L.I.R.

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