Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown, considered to be among the top media designers of his generation, always knew his field would be computer graphics. He was practically to the manor born—his father, artist Paul Brown, founded one of Europe’s first computer graphics companies—but it was his innovative work with Roy Stringer and the digital market ing and consultancy group Amaze, and his own personal website Noodlebox (1997), that propelled his career in the 1990s. Best known for his inventive and playful interactive animations, he went on to initiate the visually stunning and lush On Growth and Form series (2000–ongoing), which uses mathematical formulas to generate and “grow” flowers in never-repeating patterns. He continues to contribute to the series with new generations of flowers, demonstrating the ever-increasing capacities of the technology based on algorithms. Using the computer-graphic game technology of his youth, he strives to evoke emotion and aesthetic appreciation in the immersive experiences he creates. He creates work for the SHOWstudio website and posts his own experimental pieces on play-create.com.

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