Carol Gresko Bacigalupo

In 1975 she opened an art shop dedicated to children in Ephraim, Wisconsin, where she works and lives. The shop was called Gresko’s Gingerbread. Her career began when she showed her work at local art fairs in the Chicago area. Eventually, Gresko found a market through Marshall Field & Co. She now lives with her husband Charlie in Milwaukee. Her two sons run Paint Box Gallery and Gresko and Sons Textile Design.

Works associated with this person or group

  • Textile, Growing Applesauce, 1980

    Field shows a repeat of a sprouting apple in a glass jar. Printed on both selvages is a row of a repeated small flower and the inscription: “Growing Applesauce from…

  • Textile, Polish Paper Cuts, 1980

    Field has a straight repeat of a black fan-like shapes, each four inches high, on a white ground.