Air-King Products Company, Inc.

Air-King Products Co., Inc. was probably founded in the late 1920’s. Based in Brooklyn New York, they began manufacturing radios in the 1930’s, later expanding to produce television sets as well. In 1933 Air-King began manufacturing their Skyscraper models, designed by Harold Van Doren and John Gordon Rideout. By 1948, Air-King was also manufacturing television sets. In 1949, the company exhibited their products at a music industry trade show and convention organized by the National Association of Musical Merchandise (NAMM), held at the Hotel New Yorker and Manhattan Center. Other vendors at the convention were RCA, MGM Records, and the Zenith Radio Corp. Air-King was a subsidiary of the Hytron Radio & Electronics Coroporation, of Salem Massachusetts, which began manufacturing vacuum tubes in 1921.

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