Color: #ffdab9

  • Printing Block (Germany), mid-18th–mid-19th century

    Allover pattern of delicate scrolls and flowers.

  • Mittens, 1950–60

    The black and white wool was mixed during spinning,

  • Bedcover (India)

    The wide border, contained between two narrow guard borders with pattern of delicate flowering vine, exhibits a design of five types of palm trees – the Palmyra palm, banana, coconut,…

  • Sidewall (France), 1825–50

    Groups of putti centered around pedestal, printed in grisaille and set within frame. Suspended from frames are two crossing rings and green swags. Printed on light orange ground. H# 689

  • Sample Book (USA), ca. 1915

    179 pages (incl. top borders; not. incl. attached lower borders or fabric swatches) Tapestry, landscape, ingrain and oatmeal papers, many tone on tone. Some sidewalls have matching top and bottom…

  • Textile, late 19th–early 20th century

    Narrow length of “ship cloth” with a dark blue ship that has hooked appendages on both ends. At the center of the ship are vertical columns containing a variety of…

  • American Modern Salt Or Pepper Shaker, 1945–55

    Cantaloupe-colored ceramic piece pierced at the top with indentations on the sides.

  • Drawing, Four Figures with Sun, ca. 1925

    Drawing depicts a standing figure with arm extending over three devout figures, as though blessing them.

  • Poster, Big Nudes, 1967

    Profile of a nude woman’s lower body–legs, buttocks, and lower back–in white. Dark orange border creates optical illusion of glass by distorting legs where it overlaps them. Background within border…

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