Color: #f08080

  • Sidewall (France), 1901–06

    Rococo revival-style with very large foliage and scroll design with large cluster of roses as major motif. The match is dropped with join occurring at the center of the bouquet.…

  • Textile (France), 1950

    Central column of large bouquets of gladioli in yellow, salmon and green.

  • Textile (Germany), 1928–35

    Exotic floral pattern with sea monster and fish on un-dyed background. 7 colors: 2 purples, yellow, orange, red, green, pink.

  • Sidewall, Baroque Stripe, 1959–60

    Biomorphic bands forming irregular vertical stripes in fire red outlined in fuchsia on a light pink ground.

  • Textile, Verbena, 1964–66

    Printed in purple, pink, red, orange, green, and brown. Pattern shows an allover abstract floral design.

  • Sidewall, Devon, 1967–69

    Over white ground, a green background, with vertical stripings of yellow-green foliage, flower splotch shapes in two shades of bright pink, and reserved white flowers with bright yellow centers.

  • Textile (USA), 1930s

    Square with circus scene with acrobats, clowns, an elephant, and seal in center ring with circus performers and animals outside ring in red purple, and blue on white background.

  • Frieze (USA), 1875–1925

    pink roses on a fabric swag suspended from tassels, printed two across

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1875–1925

    On light gray ground, dark pink scroll treillage, containing asterisks made up of dots.

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