Color: #cd5c5c

  • Drawing, Design for a Verrière (Monteith), for Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory, Paris, 1765–75

    Drawing of a verriere in elevation with a fluted rim containing blue and brown (gold toned) bands, with scattered floral clusters. Detail of handle lower left.

  • Drawing, Azaleas, 1876

    Studies of azalea branches, with pink flowers. Verso: pink ladyslippers, a blueberry branch with flowers, huckleberry, and parsnip.

  • Sampler (USA), 1827

    Sampler embroidered in red, black and blue on a white ground, with the alphabet and inscription Susanna Meck 1827 at the top, and many small detached motifs including animals, birds,…

  • Textile, ca. 1782

    Textile printed in red on white ground showing six vignettes with country scenes, one with the tomb of Jean Jacques Rousseau.

  • Textile, Les Monuments de Paris, 1816–20

    A late version of the design by Lebas known as “Les Monuments de Paris”. Design in red on white background consisting of important architectural sites of Paris such as Les…

  • Sidewall (USA), 1935–45

    Design of branching stems with several kinds of flowers and leaves. Printed in pink, apricot, white, green on gray ground.

  • Sidewall, Pink Clover, 1935–45

    Design of flowering clover sprays in two shades of pink and two shades of green on yellow ground.

  • Sidewall (France), 1901–06

    Rococo revival-style with very large foliage and scroll design with large cluster of roses as major motif. The match is dropped with join occurring at the center of the bouquet.…

  • Ceiling Paper (USA), 1900–1915

    Diagonal rows of scroll-enframed figures of various shapes. A near geometrical feeling results. Figures are not large. The most elaborate motif has leafy forms in pink and silver.

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