Color: #adff2f

  • Drawing, Design for Backcloth, for Checkmate, 1937–47

    Geometric design for backcloth in black, yellow, blue and red. Two hole punches on left edge.

  • Sidewall, Ramona, 1965–68

    On white ground, scattered simplified flower forms, in brightest pink, orange and yellow, top vertical, irregularly grouped, chartreuse stems.

  • Sidewall, Devon, 1967–69

    Over white ground, a green background, with vertical stripings of yellow-green foliage, flower splotch shapes in two shades of bright pink, and reserved white flowers with bright yellow centers.

  • Textile, Sumo, 1977

    Large scale “X “grid in bright colors (red, blue, yellow or green) on white.

  • Textile, Bo Boo, 1975

    Length of printed cotton with brightly colored cars and trucks on a white ground.

  • Textile, Pepe, 1972

    Two large billed birds (toucan and cockatoo) on a curving vine in two blues, red, green and yellow on white.

  • Textile, Onnea, 1972

    Repeating pattern of a vase of brightly colored flowers. Printed in six colors.

  • Poster, Designer’s Saturday, 20th century

    Poster depicts letters and numbers placed at various angles, in different colors, like orange, green, yellow and black stripes, red, and blue: OCT 7 8. Column of text on right…

  • Poster, Space Ship / CCA Carton Division

    Poster features five white cubes with black borders with speed lines. Background is yellow above and white below. Text is green: SPACE/SHIP; Distribution / Cost / Savings / Program Carton…

  • Poster, Peace Corps, 1970

    Poster features a colorful—some filled in with Ben-day dots—chaotic mélange of faces, clouds, landscapes, etc.

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