Color: #008080

  • Carpet Fragment (England), early 20th century

    Carpet fragment with a medium-scale allover flower and leaf repeat in delft blue, light blue and pale coral. One plain selvage with black cotton warps.

  • Textile (India), early 20th century

    Symmetrical horizontal repeat of vase with flowers (two alternating variants) in decorated arabesque framework with filling sprays of twining stems, leaves and flowers. Floral guard band at bottom within decorated…

  • Tile (England), 1898–1907

    Square tile or buff clay with grog added. Streaky brilliant peacock-blue colored glaze, crackled. Impressed mark: “Dm 98”

  • Tile (England), 1888–98

    Square tile of reddish buff clay with grog added. Brilliant greenish blue colored glaze, crazed. Stamped with double wing on back, surrounded by “W. De Morgan 2 Co Sand’s End…

  • Button

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  • Sample (USA), ca. 1949

    Plain weave plaid with paired and unpaired warps in shades of blue, gold and metallic gray. Warp is sixteen two-ply blue cotton yarns and eight wrapped metallic yarns alternating across…

  • Hanging, The Golden Mountain, 1926–59

    Silk mural with a landscape dominated by a yellow mountain against a deep blue sky studded with stars. In the background, the sea, with small boats. In the foreground, low…

  • Poster, Your Work Means Victory, ca. 1942

    Image of men standing on planks on pullies working on a ship’s smoke stacks. They are working within a ship yard surrounded with American Fleets in the background. On upper…

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