Color: #006400

  • Stove Tile (Germany), late 16th century

    Above a shaped shield, a bearded male half-figure supports on its head a basket of fruit.

  • Pair Of Tiles (England), 1888–1898

    Pair of square tiles of reddish buff clay with bottle-green glaze over incised lions. A) facing right; B) facing left. Faintly visible stamped on back: double wings surrounded by: W.…

  • Sample (USA), 1945–1950

    Sample has a single column of dark yellow elongated diamond shapes on a dark green ground. Over this is a black linear design resembling line arrows and star shapes.

  • Button

    On card 10

  • Frieze (USA), 1958–60

    Silk screen reproduction of a drapery swag c. 1815-25. Terra cotta colored drapery with band of classical motif in black along bottom edge. White lace attached below this. Printed on…

  • Fragment, 16th century

    Velvet fragment stamped with a small-scale pattern of paired oval shapes that alternate in direction.

  • Frieze (USA), 1900

    Flitter frieze with graduated background shading from tan to green. Gold mica flakes scroll framing garlands of pink roses.

  • Inkwell And Stand (Switzerland), 18th century

    Green inkwell, decorated in relief with rope and vine motifs, with two cups with metal lids on top and open shelf on bottom.

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