Watercolor, A Salon in Restoration Taste, early 1820s

Detailed elements of the Empire period are beautifully executed by the artist. Buff walls banded in blue serve as the color scheme of the salon and the adjoining room. Heavily swagged curtains with fringed pelmets, blue upholstery, and a blue and gold tablecloth accent bare, highly polished floors. An overdoor panel carved with figures appears to have a bluish ground. A picture collection in heavily gilded frames lines the walls. A marble statue of Apollo Belvedere on a pedestal and a bronze clock flanked by candelbra in the form of a winged victory on the chimneypiece are similar to decorative elements used by Percier and Fontaine at Malmaison and Fontainbleau. A tea table set with porcelains and metalwork of the period is on the right.

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