Sarong (Indonesia), 19th–20th century

Sarong, cap (tjap) printed (using block to apply wax) and filled with canting (tjanting) (hand tool used to apply wax), in two shades of rust red and light blue. Printed with two design elements, to be seen horizontally: two-thirds of cloth (the body or ‘badan’) has white reserved ground with two repeats of an undulating arborescent branches bearing huge red flowers, blue foliage, and decorative birds. The remaining third (the head or ‘kepala’ ) has a red ground with large bouquet of grasses, leaves, flowers, several birds, and butterflies (buketan motif) in lighter red and reserved white. Wide scrolling floral bottom border (a North Javanese batik innovation) in reds with comb-teeth edging; top border narrow and stylized. Both selvedges present.

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