Poster, Poster for Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano: Schlemmer’s Designs for Stravinsky’s Les Noces, 1988

Exhibition poster image comprised of five lines: Oskar/Schlemmer/Les Noces/Igor/Stravinsky; the words are made up of varying styles and scales of typographic letter forms in black, yellow, red, and blue (a color palette used by de Stijl or Bauhaus designers). The names of the featured artist and composer flank the central and larger title of the piece, like a particularly vibrant section of a written musical score. The “O” in each word is a solid circle (gold-yellow for “Oskar” at upper right: red in “Noces” at center; blue in “Igor” at lower left), accenting the page in an attractive eye-catching way, like rhythmic beats in visual music, as well as serving as an allusion to the geometric shapes used in Schlemmer’s costume and set designs.

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