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  • Square, Cage D’Oiseau (Birdcage), 1947

    Printed square with center black ground with white cage and animals detailed in black and yellow. Black square is surrounded by dull blue border and another striped border where the…

  • Square, Nocturne, 1946

  • Square, Black Trellis, 1946

  • Square, Still Life, 1947

    Square scarf with abstracted fruit still life at the center in red, green, and mustard yellow. background consists of four triangles using diagonals of the scarf in red, army green,…

  • Square, Bird and Stone, 1947

  • Square, Bird, 1947

    Lavender square scarf with circle containing a bird outlined in black at the center. Yellow is used for the bird at the center and on horizontal wavy lines around the…

  • Square, Moss Rose, 1947

    Square printed scarf with off-white ground and center square surrounded by several borders of varying thickness in white, mustard, and coral. Center square contains black linework evoking the hand and…

  • Square, Combat de Coqs (Cock Fight), 1947

    Printed square scarf with center blue ground with white roosters detailed in black linework. White border with loose linework around center square with pink line to frame and another white…

  • Square (Philippines), late 19th–early 20th century

    Five sheer piña cloth squares with plain circular central field. Border of corners filled with symmetrical scrolling flowers, stems, leaves, in Chinese style, formed by white shadow embroidery. On outer…

  • Square (Philippines), late 19th century

    Square of piña cloth edged with wide border of floral motifs and a straight border in blue running along all four sides.

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