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  • Panel, 18th century

    Horizontal band with a couple standing below a crown supported by winged figures. Peacocks and birds in trees on either side.

  • Panel, ca. 1600

    Panel of reticella, with the grid creating three rows of biblical scenes, one being Judith and Holofernes.

  • Panel

    Design darned in and arranged within diamond shaped frames: staggs, riders, crossbowmen, boat, and conventionalized flowers.

  • Panel (Spain), 15th century

  • Panel (Spain), 18th century

    An oblong panel, probably an All Souls Day mat, of heavy cream colored hand-woven linen, embroidered in black wool. Edged with cream linen needle lace. Design is a star-shaped central…

  • Panel (Spain), 18th–early 19th century

    Oblong panel of heavy cream white hand-woven linen embroidered in black wool and trimmed with fringe of black wool and black tassels at each corner. Borders at side and deep…

  • Panel (USA), ca. 1880

    Blue. Amid scrolled foliations, a sparrow rides on outspread wing.

  • Panel (USA), ca. 1880

    Light green. A regularly disposed pattern of intertwined blackberry fruit, leaves, and stems.

  • Panel (USA), ca. 1880

  • Panel (USA), ca. 1880

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