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  • Borders (Greece), 19th century

    Two borders, probably from sleeve or bottom of dress, worked in silks in red, yellow, orange, white, and outlines of black. Design shows a stylized flower head, with heart-shaped leaves…

  • Borders, Louis XVI or Trianon, 1851–65

    Two separate foliate medallions, each with tassel in green, containing motif of musical instruments in terra cotta, with beading along one side; on off-white ground.

  • Borders, Louis XVI or Trianon, 1851–65

    Two separate motifs to be used for dado. The baseboard has a series of horizontal molding strips in grisaille and brownish-yellow. The upper element, or chair rail, has a more…

  • Borders (France), ca. 1850

    Yellow and buff six-point rosettes printed on dark green flock. Between rosettes are rinceaux printed in light green parallel lines; entire design bordered within buff and yellow lines.

  • Borders (possibly England), 1830

    Glossy grisaille design of rosettes bordered by lines in varying shades of gray. Marbled ground of buff and blue wavy lines. grisailles

  • Borders (France), 1870

    Continuous leaf molding surmounted by dentils in grays, blacks, browns and yellow.

  • Borders (France), ca. 1870

    Shaded buff and yellow strips carry rosette enclosed in a square. Square has bell-flower shaped ornament on each side. Strips separated by a deep maroon band. Printed in buff, yellow,…

  • Borders (France), ca. 1860

    Four equal dark tan flocked strips are separated by narrow white, dark brown and gilt lines.

  • Borders (France), 1820–40

    Tulip-like shapes in shades of tan and yellow, paired with large tan leaves. Between “tulips” are alternate blue and black areas, some with blossoms.

  • Borders (France), 1825

    Dark brown floral pattern on royal blue, consisting of paired acanthus leaves framing antifix with lily-of-the-valley and small blossom group between. Design set off with heavy border lines. Straight repeat.

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