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  • Cape (Spain), 18th century

    Cape for an altar figure in pink satin embroidered in silver thread in a flower and foliage design. Scattered small detached flower design. Edging of narrow silver lace.

  • Fragment (Spain), 17th century

    Yellow damask with an allover design of a carnation in a vase above two confronted, rampant lions forming an ogival shape.

  • Chalice Cover (Spain), 17th century

    Square, probably top of chalice cover; cloth of silver, with symmetrical design of stylized plant forms and jars at corners and sides, pointing toward center rosette. Coral beads form leaves…

  • Fragments (Spain), 16th–17th century

    Allover design of stylized leaf motifs and birds in yellow and green on a red ground.

  • Trimming (Spain), 18th century

    Fragment of an embroidered and scalloped trimming. Yellow satin cut into scallops is edged with green and gold cord and embroidered in the center with a four petal flower head…

  • Fragment (Spain), 1830–35

    Fragment of a dress silk with an allover design of floral sprays and a lace pattern in blue, green, purple and white. On a black ground.

  • Border (Spain), 17th century

    Border for a square, possible a chalice cover, of needle lace – Point d’Espagne. Silk and linen threads in gray and tan, gold and silver thread. Design of symmetrically arranged…

  • Band (Spain), late 16th–early 17th century

  • Band (Spain), late 16th–early 17th century

  • Band (Spain), late 16th–early 17th century

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