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  • Textile (Peru), 1000–1400

    Border of stylized interlocking birds and frets, with top band of monkeys alternating with stepped diagonals, lower band of triangles and interlocking birds; darned or woven in heavy pale tan…

  • Fragment (Peru), 1200–1400

    Fragment of loosely woven white cotton embroidered with red and black birds.

  • Knotted Net (Peru), 1000–1400

    Pouch with all-over chevron pattern, three triangles at each side, in knotted netting (close-set knots form pattern). Twisted cord gathers it around edge. undyed. Dark tan.

  • Fragment (Peru), 1000–1400

    Self-contain square fragment with edges continuous with field. Two parallel warps cross next pair to form an allover trellis loosely spanned by basic wefts.

  • Fragment (Peru), 1000–1400

    Square panel made from two pieces stitched together. Panel is divided into four squares with a single repeat of a large stylized bird with elaborate topknot and small geometrical filling…

  • Fragment (Peru), 1000–1400

    Fine, loosely woven cotton cloth with slightly overtwised yarns, with a small scale all-over design of diagonals of interlocking birds alternating with diagonals of interlocking fishes, each diagonal set off…

  • Basket And Contents (Peru), 11th–14th century

    Outer basket of plaited rushes partly covered with coarse undyed cotton cloth and a plaited multicolored wool cord. Inner basket of plaited rushes with cloth covering made with double warps…

  • Cap (waq’ollo) (Peru), 20th century

    Knitted mask to completely cover the head in black and white wool with eyes, lips and nostrils outlined in red wool; a red cross in center of forehead. Used for…

  • Cap (Peru), 20th century

    Knitted cap for an adult with ear tabs. Red, blue, green, white, pink, and red are the predominant colors. Design is in horizontal stripes and zig-zags with a line of…

  • Poncho (Peru), 18th–19th century

    Shoulder poncho of two lengths of striped wool with bound slit for opening. In red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, and white wool and cotton on brown wool wefts, doubled. Multi-colored…

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