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  • Panel Of Nakshe (women’s Trouser) (Iran), 18th–19th century

    Polychrome silks, predominantly red and green, solidly worked in cross stitch on cotton canvas in diagonal rows of lozenges separated by narrower diagonal bands; all forms built up of minute…

  • Textile (Iran), 18th or 19th century

    On double thickness of off-white cotton, design of groups of people, animals, trees, scattered fowl and insects, all facing toward central crouching camel with howdah on his back. Wide border…

  • Textile (Iran), 17th century

    Medium-sized repeat of stylized symmetrical flower sprays of gold with touches of pale pink and coral in a trellis framework of fine silvery leaves and flowers on dark blue ground.…

  • Bowl (Persia, Kashan), ca. 13th–14th century

    On slight foot a slightly curved bowl of coarse whiteish clay, the lower part unglazed. Slight pinkish white glaze on upper outside and on inside; in center a bird painted…

  • Panel (Iran)

  • Textile (Iran), 18th century

    Small bird-on-bush repeat on a reddish-orange ground. Bird motif in blue, brown, white, green, and yellow. Yellow thread originally wrapped with silver, but now is mostly worn off.

  • Fragment (Iran), 17th century

    Coarse red cotton is printed in saffron yellow and silver shows scrolled floral border and a row of cone-shaped trees, each tree has a large bird in it. Trees and…

  • Bowl (Iran)

  • Printing Block (Iran), 17th–18th century

    Carved woodblock with a figure of a kneeling woman.

  • Bowl (Iran), 13th century

    Flaring bowl with incurvative rim. Greenish-white glaze, running in heavy drops on outside. Painted with radiating blue bands on inside and outside, and blue band on rim. Some of the…

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