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  • Bottle Filter (Egypt)

  • Cap (Egypt), late 13th–early 14th century

    Man’s cap of bright blue silk formed from six isoceles triangles, with a deep band to encircle the head. The triangles have quilted geometric borders and fillings; the band has…

  • Panel (possibly Egypt), 7th century

    Small vertical panel showing a small haloed figure with short hair, beardless face, spread hands, and two pairs of wings drooping around the body. One pair encloses the halo and…

  • Fragment (Egypt)

    Red woven square with a white linear and geomentric border and a multicolored medallion in the center. The medallion depicts a charioteer within a pearl roundel border.

  • Textile (Egypt)

  • Cap (possibly Egypt)

  • Textile (Egypt), 619–29

    Horizontal rectangular piece showing upper right-hand section of large pearl-bordered roundel curving over one bird head (duck or flamingo?) with bunch of grapes suspended from bill (complete roundel probably contained…

  • Textile (Egypt), 12th century

    Dark blue silk cloth crossed at half inch intervals by bands of geometric repeats with guard bands above and below formed by pale yellow, pale blue and black wefts. One…

  • Textile (Egypt), 12th–13th century

    Fragmentary square of linen cloth crossed horizontally by band with angular S-shapes wiht forced ends reserved on red cross-stitch ground; blue guard strips. Indication of plaided filed on one side…

  • Textile (Egypt), 12th–13th century

    Fragment of linen with large eight-pointed floral rosette in silk chain stitch, with orange outline and with dark blue petals and center outlined within this. Set close to border of…

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