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  • Sidewall, “Indienne” – from Schumacher’s Museum Collection part II, 1953

    Small pink drop-repeating bachelor buttons giving the appearance of an all-over pattern. Touches of blue in the buds. Black stems, and green and black leaves.

  • Sidewall, Moderne, 1953

    Black squares enframing white circular medallions, embellished with black rings of diminishing diameter, which alternate with squares diapered with horizontal rows of very small circles.

  • Sidewall, Desert Flowers, 1952

    Random arrangement of large and small scale flowers and shrubs, closely set. The linear is emphasized in the drawing. Printed in nine colors on white ground.

  • Bookpaper

  • Sidewall, Ipswich, 1953

    Drop-repeating eight-pointed medallions enclosing motif of buds and leaves radiating from center rosette. Framework of crossing and twisting bands decorated with sprigs and flowerlets. White is the seeming ground color.…

  • Sidewall, Harlequin, 1953

    Harlequin or diamond trellis pattern. Horizontal rows of six vertical diamonds in five variations of gray and in black. The diamonds also adjoin vertically. The intervening spaces, also diamond shaped,…

  • Bookpaper

  • Embossed (England & Germany)

  • Embossed (England & Germany)

  • Bookpaper

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