Drawing, Designs for Shelving, 2011

Six designs depicted. Upper left: a post and lintel structure with three posts or trees and a lintel across two of them, containing three large rectangular forms or boxes, an arrow points to the structure from the right and the number 1 encircled; upper right: post and lintel structure with four trees as posts, large rectangular boxes flank each post, an arrow points at it from the right next to the number 2 encircled; center right: three trees among a group of rectangular boxes of various sizes, an arrow points at it from the right; center: five trees, two of which are only partially finished, between these are shelving structures as tall as the trees, the number 3 encircled on the right; lower left: three posts flanked by four vertical areas with two horizontal lines each; lower right: three trees of varying heights each flanked by taller rectangular boxes, the number 4 encircled on the right.

Associated Images