Allegories of the Four Continents Tiles, 18th century

Group of four tiles, square, with blue underglaze decoration on buff ground, each with name of one of the four continents and correspondings allegory and attributes within a circular medallion: -72a, “Asia,” showing turbaned figure riding in a howdah on back of an elephant, with two attendants; birds in foreground, turreted architecture in background; -72b, “Europa,” showing a lady, cavalier and dog in foreground, watching woman in a sedan chair carried by two men; European style buildings in background; -72c, “Africa” with a turbaned man and woman, with attendant holding parasol, with the attributes of monkey, ostrich and camel; -72d, “America” showing an Indian in feather skirt and headdress, carried on a litter by five similarly but less ornately dressed Indians, and attended by one holding a fan; at left a conquistador on horseback, and a cockatoo on a branch; in right background, a sailing ship.

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