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  • Window Shade (possibly Japan), 1880–1900

    Large-scale water lily as central motif. Greek key design along left edge.

  • Window Shade (possibly Japan), 1880–1900

    Large flamingo-like bird, perched upon strange outcropping. Surrounded by vining floral motifs and clouds. A fret border is printed on the bottom edge and two sides. From ledger: horizontal strips…

  • Window Shade (possibly Japan), 1880–1900

    Red/orange flowers growing on stem at bottom. Smaller yellow flowers on branch in center section. Greek key along right side and bottom edge.

  • Window Shade (USA), ca. 1860

    Paper coated with dark brown on both sides. Center design of griffon tripod supporting double vase containing grapes, red rose bouquet and foliage. Above, arched tongue-and-dart molding from which fall…

  • Window Shade (USA), 1870–80

    Two wide vertical stripes with chinoiserie on dark brown, alternating with two stripes of “India” flowers, edged by narrow red stripes with geometric design.

  • Window Shade (USA), early 20th century

  • Window Shade, New York Crystal Palace, 1853, 1853

    Glass and cast iron building (The New York Crystal Palace) within large circular frame. Clusters of people on Palace grounds. Atop this is a spread eagle perched on shield of…

  • Window Shade (USA), 1875–1900

    Large rectangular framework, wide band of brightly colored flowers across bottom of shade. Printed on green paper.

  • Window Shade (USA), 1875–1900

    a and b) Elaborate lace design with fringe and tassel suspended from ornate cornice with lambrequin. In the center of the lace panel is a basket of flowers and two…

  • Window Shade (USA), 1875–1900

    Large rectangular framework, with Renaissance Revival detailing. Stylized floral motifs across bottom, up lower sides, and across the top. White floral pendants within frame at top. Printed on blue paper.

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