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  • Sugar Bowl And Lid (USA), 1825–50

    Ovoid body on spreading foot, with bead edging and fret band; two scrolled handles. Cover in concave tiers, with figure of standing Chinese holding a bamboo staff. Engraved on one…

  • Sugar Bowl And Lid (Italy), ca. 1800

    Four-lobed oval plan with curved walls. Four-lobed dome cover with knob shape of a hip and leaf. Blue-gray body. Bowl and cover each decorated with two oval medallions with polychromed…

  • Sugar Bowl And Lid (England), 1726–27

    (a) Hemispherical bowl on molded, domed foot, the rim reinforced. (b) Domed cover with ring to serve as handle or as foot ring. Engraved on side: unicorn’s head.

  • Sugar Bowl And Lid (USA), 1958

    Eggshell-colored (a) softly rounded flaring sugar bowl with edge cut in boat-like shape above inner rim. (b) lid: culminating in plain, truncated knob.

  • Chrysanthemum Sugar Bowl And Lid, ca. 1893

    Squat globular form engraved with foliate monogram “RMA”, with reeding, wavy rim, two squared, curved horizontal handles with foliate decoration; base with four foliate feet; domed and reeded lid with…

  • Sugar Bowl And Lid, 1888

  • Sugar Bowl And Lid (France), ca. 1928

    Globular body with flush-fitting domed cover. Raised square band encircles body, with shape continued on cover. Cover with fitted flange closure. Circular wooden finial. Circular wooden base plinth. En suite…

  • Sugar Bowl And Lid (France), 19th century

    Footed urn-shaped gilt bowl with mascaron handle on each side. Neck has band of large vertical granules. Foot with band of small granules and leaf motif. Everted lip decorated with…

  • Sugar Bowl And Lid (Netherlands), ca. 1903

    Circular bowl (a) with incurved lower section. Flat base. Molded flange handles with engraved transverse lines and four stylized rectangles. Flat cover (b) with bezel. Two sets of concentric rings…

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