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  • Square (Iran), 19th century

    Pink and yellow flowers on a net ground.

  • Square, 18th century

    Coat of arms of a Bishop of the Franciscan Order (Cross, crossed arms with stigmata, above a black bird on a mount against a blue ground) with Bishop’s hat (green…

  • Square (Near East), late 19th century

    Square of sheer cream-colored cotton, embroidered on all four sides with colored silks and metal thread. Design of detached motifs: an island with trees; and a galley with oars raised…

  • Square (Germany), 14th century

    Fragment from an altar frontal in coarse cream-colored linen embroidered in silk in red, light green, light blue, and white. In the center field, the Crucifixion: Christ on the cross…

  • Square, Still Life with Fruit, 1947

  • Square, Boy and Girl, 1947

    Off-white silk square scarf with a scene with a boy giving flowers to a girl, with a black dog standing on his hind legs between. Multiple concentric borders of straight…

  • Square, Écharpe A, 1947

  • Square, Cornish Landscape, 1947

    Square scarf with white ground and yellow square containing a dominating cornish hen and a small insect with grey and red detailing.

  • Square, Three Standing Figures, 1946

    Square scarf with black background and pink/black plaid border. Center area has a thin white square with yellow at the top left and red at the bottom right with three…

  • Square, Medieval Heads, 1947

    Black squre scarf with grey and white concentric squares in the center. Corners of the center square are rounded with black areas containing medival heads in green and the center…

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